Empirical Solutions offers world-class solutions to meet the need of every cannabis laboratory. We bring professionalism to your fingertips by providing you with the latest and most groundbreaking methodologies the scientific industry has to offer within the realm of cannabis. Our solutions are flexible enough to satisfy every state regulation, revolutionary in their customization options, and cost-effective enough to provide maximum value.

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Services Offered

Laboratory Consulting Services

End-to-end solutions to build or enhance the most sophisticated cannabis laboratories.


We guide you through the proper testing of pesticides. Our proven range of solutions will satisfy all state regulations.


We help you utilize the most state-of-the-art procedures to test cannabis for potency and desired effects; our techniques to test cannabis for potency are backed by decades of research

Heavy Metal Testing

Cannabis growth is subject to interference by concentrations of heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury. Our arrangements will ensure a healthy crop with as little adverse effects as possible.

Residual Solvents

Proper analysis of residual solvents is a must. We follow protocol to ensure that your concentration levels are at or below the prescribed chemical action levels required.


We guarantee the most elegant setup for testing terpenes, and this will ensure the satisfaction of state regulators and the safety of your consumers.


We offer scientifically valid testing methodologies for the chemical, physical, and microbial analysis of medical cannabis.


Mycotoxins are a result of fungi and are very common in cannabis plants. We warrant practices that ensure the total presence of mycotoxins is below the state-mandated tolerance levels.

Moisture Content

Water activity and moisture play a significant role in the cultivation of cannabis. We provide you with the best tools for proper water activity.


This step is vital for the proper creation of edible products. We will provide you with optimum methods of proving homogeneity in your products,ensuring that you pass all required tests.

Financial Services

Through our network of industry leaders, we offer various cannabis industry financial services with flexible options. Whatever your goals may be, we give you the power to turn your business venture from a concept into reality.

Small Businesses / Startup Loans

Our nationally recognized team will serve all your business lending needs with little to no collateral.

Cannabis Equipments

From heavy-duty equipment down to the essentials, our team will provide you with the best financing possible to get your business in motion.

Debt Restructuring

Innovative tactics for restructuring and refinancing loans, along with substantially lowering rates.


Complete financial solutions for dispensaries, grow operations, wholesale, retail, and virtually all cannabis-related businesses.

Real Estate

We take the complexity out of the brokers’ and borrower’s experience. We implement a tiered approach to financing by leveraging our own access to capital, as well as that of our partners, to provide you with the best possible options.

Merchant Cash Advansing

We offer some of the easiest and most beneficial ways to get quick cash for your business, regardless of history with poor credit, late payments, or bank turndowns.

Accounts Receivables

If you sell your products or services to businesses that pay in 30, 60, or 90 days we have a liquidity solution for you. We can finance companies that are start-ups, losing money, or in bankruptcy using your customer’s credit, not yours.

Unsecured Capital

Unsecured Capital (Cash) Program up to $150,000 per signer/owner, including startups. Must have 680+ FICO.

Business Acquisition

We are experts in providing you with the necessary capital to fund the purchase of any company you may wish to acquire. We do this through proper analysis of the purchase price, determination of cash flow, and special financing to make the purchase a reality.


We offer free one on one consultations with our team of experts. Let us know what your vision is, and we will help bring it to life