Bitcoin Mechant Processing

Bitcoin is quickly becoming the money for the digital age. We power payments and payouts for businesses everywhere. We provide a full-featured, instant, lowest-cost payment acceptance solution for merchants


Its time you take your business into your hands by accepting bitcoin.

Bitcoin-only on the Lightning Network@ backed by Tim Draper and Fidelity.

  • Businesses and payout recipients do not hold cryptocurrency unless they choose to do so.

  • Complies with AML/ATF regulations in particular FATF, BSA, FINCEN, and European Union AML Directives

  • Bitcoin for adult, auto sales, fantasy sports, facsimiles' gambling, Jewelry.

Get paid on the Lightning network 

You will reduce transaction processing costs, protect your business from excessive chargebacks, expand your market, and cater to consumer preferences.

  • Reduce your processing fees 

  • Reduce your processing fees to less than credit card and debit cards pay less than 1% 

  • Reduce the risk of fraud. 

  • No need to hand over customer information this eliminates the risk of fraud in a digital age where cybercriminals are getting better by the day. 

  • Get your money fast 

  • How fast? Lighting fast, due to the nature of the lighting network receive your money much faster. This is especially important if you need cash flow, have bills to pay, or payroll. 

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