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We strive to provide safe, compliant, and effective payment processing solutions for the cannabis industry. With the available compliance and security of our platform, we are future-focused on helping our cannabis clients stay at the forefront of commerce.


PIN Debit Cannabis Payment Processing

In the cannabis industry, there is a myriad of gimmicky ways to pay for your services of THCproducts each with their own pitfalls. But only one full legitimate way. With every new milestone reached comes at least one giant leap back. Credit card brands and federal laws have created an unstable and unreliable payment environment for this budding market segment; which may put business owners, their employees, and patrons in danger of harm. We are here to change all that with the industry's only legitimate credit card processor for the pot trade - although it might seem like we've come out of nowhere just now. For starters: let's take a quick look at this unusual predicament we face together as entrepreneurs hoping to collect payments from clients who prefer cards over cash.

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Why should merchants accept credit card payments for cannabis?

 Cannabis companies should be able to operate like any other legal business.  It's tough to do that when they still have to conduct transactions like an illegal business—using cash.  Here are three benefits of accepting card payments for your cannabis business.



Our program is fully endorsed and approved by all major debit networks in the United States.



 It costs less than cash handling and all the transportation fees in the supply chain.


Full disclosure

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What others say about us:
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“ESLLC saved our business!
We all know how fluid and ever-changing the cannabis and CBD industries can be on a moment’s notice. FINCANN helped us secure an operational bank account with a cannabis friendly bank close to our area. We had been without banking for quite a while and it was getting difficult to transact sales and pay bills without banking solutions. We were not sure how much longer we could hold on. It took some work and patience but it paid off. Thank you FINCANN for your personal service. We would recommend to anyone in a similar situation.” 

J.F. Grover

TriAlpha7 LLC, Prescott, AZ

Tammy Sloane-Kloss.JPG

“I found ESLLC after another similar group was unable to connect me with reasonable financial solutions and were not being completely transparent about what they were offering. Speaking to Nathaniel was like a breath of fresh air and gave me hope again for the small e-commerce business I am hoping to launch. He understood the obstacles I was facing and ensured me that he would work with me and we would find the right solution. Everybody at FINCANN has been excellent and very easy to work with!”

Lauren U.

Simpsonville, SC



Cannabis payment processing - how to accept card payments in a state-compliant manner?

Despite many companies claiming to offer legitimate cannabis payment processing solutions, the real question is how to find a legitimate solution for your business. Do your due diligence on the provider offering you a service. Ask a lot of questions about their vetting process and compliance with state laws.

Why can’t you use credit cards at dispensaries?

The lack of banking services for cannabis businesses is due to the fact that cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, which means many banks are unwilling to risk offering services to cannabis-related companies.

How safe and reliable is Empirical Solutions LLC for the cannabis industry?

Empirical Solutions LLC is a leading provider of payment-processing solutions for the cannabis industry. Their services include secure, high-speed transaction processing and consulting on the compliance requirements of various payment platforms.


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