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A merchant processing program specifically designed for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services.

With Empirical Solutions' fully compliant merchant processing program, your cannabis business will have access to 100% transparency with full bank and processor disclosure.

What is the Empirical Solutions merchant processing program?

Our merchant processing program provides compliant, transparent, and streamlined payment processing services for cannabis-touching businesses like dispensaries, cultivators, and delivery services.


Our approved, transparent merchant processing program is the first traditional, compliant and legitimate card payment solution. It does not use workarounds or smoke and mirrors. The program provides for direct debit card payments for exact dollar amounts, which means no cash handling and costly mistakes, no customer confusion at checkout, and no need for drivers to carry any money.

Accept payments from anywhere in the world so you can focus on growing your business.

Program highlights include:

  • Fully endorsed and approved by the major debit networks

  • Costs less than cash handling and transportation fees

  • Full bank and processor disclosure

  • No miscoding: actual DBA and business address are on the descriptor

  • No “Out of Network” fees

  • No convenience fees

  • No contracts

  • No early termination fees

  • No annual fees

  • No application fee

Empirical Solutions Merchant Processing vs. Cashless ATMs

Merchant processing may seem similar to a cashless ATM, which is often used as a workaround for dispensaries. Unlike card-based transactions, cashless ATMs are presented to the bank as an ATM transaction while they operate as normal debit card swipes in reality. A customer will typically deposit money (minus the ATM fee) into their account at the counter and then receive any change back from the sales clerk when they make their purchase. This system relies on deceitful tactics—and sometimes these workarounds are quickly shutdown once caught by banks or government officials.

Empirical Solutions offers a compliant and transparent merchant processing system, making cashless ATMs obsolete. These are some of the key differences:

Empirical Solutions merchant processing


  • Sales are for the precise dollar amount of the purchase

  • Customer does not pay convenience fee

  • 100% transparent – full acquiring bank disclosure

  • No cash handling

  • Frictionless checkout process

  • Sales, on average, increase 25%+ versus cashless ATMs or cash

  • Seamless transition to credit cards when federal change allows

  • No contract

  • No early termination fees

  • True DBA and business address on descriptor and receipts

  • Fully transparent bank approved cannabis program

Cashless ATM


  • Sales must be rounded up to the nearest $5 to $20

  • Customer pays convenience fee and typically an out of network fee

  • Acquiring bank not disclosed in most cases

  • Dispensary associate must provide change

  • Checkout requires explanation

  • Sales, on average, increase 18% versus cash

  • Requires new merchant account for credit cards when federal change allows

  • 3 to 5 year contracts

  • High early termination fees

  • Disguised DBA and false address information is common

  • Bank not aware of cannabis transactions or ATM placements

Empirical Solutions merchant processing program pricing

The following are the prices for an Empirical Solutions standard merchant processing program:

  • Interchange, plus 3.0% and $.35/transaction

  • $30/month – includes account statement, PCI, and online reporting

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Discover how Empirical Solutions can help your business access marijuana banking services.

Contact Empirical Solutions to explore your options and find out which of our services is best for you.

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