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Cannabis & Hemp Business Insurance

Empirical solutions has partnered with a leading insurance company that offers special insurance services to cannabis and hemp companies.

Our insurance packages can be applied to a company’s unique risk appetite, from plans that offer the bare essentials to plans that have you covered in every possible way.


With an industry as rewarding as the cannabis industry, risks are part of the game, which is why these affordable insurance plans are a must have to deal with the high-risks that come with operating in the cannabis industry.

Reap all the rewards without worrying about the safety and longevity of your business.

Our customized insurance packages have you covered. We cover the full spectrum of safety and coverage for the cannabis industry.

  • Cultivators

  • Dispensaries

  • Processors and manufacturers

  • Laboratories and testing facilities

  • Delivery and distribution companies

  • Legal and support entities

  • Properties

  • Outlying marijuana-industry organizations

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Our coverage includes

  • General Liability

  • Business Owners Policy

  • Business Interruption

  • Cyber Liability

  • Plus, many more services

To learn more, fill out our contact form, and a licensed insurance agent will be in touch.

Having a solid insurance plan can help a dispensary survive the ever-changing climate of the cannabis industry. Being the most traditional cannabis business, dispensaries have their fair share of liabilities due to the high level of regulation imposed by federal and state laws. The potential risks are numerous and include burglary, fires, theft, and vandalism. Our full line of insurance services is designed to lessen risks and give you peace of mind.


Recommended coverage for dispensaries include

  • General Liability,

  •  Product Liability,

  •  Commercial Property, 

  • Business Owners Policy,

  •  Business Interruption,

  •  Cyber Liability,

  •  Errors & Omissions,

  •  Workers' Compensation.

Online ordering is a must have for delivery services. If you offer delivery services you need insurance coverage plain and simple. Delivery services carry all the same risks as brick-and-mortar stores with the added risk of products being transported and given to customers directly.

Office Meeting
  • General Liability

  • Product Liability

  •  Commercial Property

  • Business Owners Policy

  • Business Interruption

  • Cyber Liability

  •  Errors & Omissions

  • Workers' Compensation.

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