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Pin Debit

To begin with, PIN Debit cannabis payment processing is compliant; Cashless ATMs are not (or at least not entirely).

Many people think PIN Debit and Cashless ATMs for cannabis payments are the same.  This is not true.  PIN Debit transactions and ATM transactions are processed very differently.

With PIN Debit for cannabis, a consumer can make a cannabis purchase for the exact dollar amount of the product.  The transaction is the exact same as using your debit card at any other business.  The transaction is processed using approved debit networks only and NOT interchange (like a credit card).  Authorizations and funding are done through a traditional merchant account that is fenced to only accept debit network transactions.  The acquiring bank and processor both operate BSA/AML compliant cannabis programs.

Credit Cards

This is different from a cashless ATM.  With cashless ATM accounts for cannabis, the credit card terminal is simply programmed to act like an ATM.  When a customer makes a purchase, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest $5-20 (just like an ATM).  The difference is that instead of cash being dispensed; the customer is provided product for their purchase.  Then the bud tender provides change for the difference.  This process is often confusing and expensive for your customers.  Not only are high "convenience" fees encouraged but consumers are also often hit with out of network fees.

Create a frictionless payment environment with no consumer fees to increase sales and safety.  Get your cannabis PIN Debit merchant account today and sell more tomorrow.  Reach out to us for full product features, costs, and bank information today.

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