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Cannabis Lending Service

Through Empirical Solutions and the Cannabis Banking Financial Network™, you can apply to access the funds you need to jump-start or expand your cannabis business. Cannabis lending services and business services are available to all cannabis businesses in all sectors in 50 states, from coast to coast.

What are the issues cannabis businesses face when applying for loans?

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For years, lending has been the biggest perceived “no go zone” for banks working with the cannabis industry, making the service even more difficult to find that cannabis banking or merchant processing. Even though more than 200 banks will accept clients for business checking or merchant processing, far fewer will open their doors to cannabis industry borrowers. This is because:

  • Risk of seizure: Banks are concerned about collateral integrity, as there is a small but non-zero chance that a cannabis business’s assets may be seized by federal law enforcement. Without collateral, lenders can risk not recouping their assets, making lending to the sector a high-risk endeavor.

  • Stigma: Perhaps most arbitrary of these concerns, many in the financial world still see the cannabis industry as an unsavory one. They are simply unwilling to work with an industry that they perceive poorly.

How these cannabis lending issues affect borrowers

Unsurprisingly, the shortage of banks willing to lend to the cannabis industry has made it extremely difficult for borrowers to access desperately needed capital. This is especially important for those applying for a license, as many states require applicants to demonstrate money in the bank to be considered for a coveted cultivation, processing, dispensing, or delivery license.

To access funding when banks aren’t available, cannabis lenders turn to the private market. An overwhelming 90% of cannabis lending comes from private sources. However, access to capital through these means is expensive. Investors will ask for equity in exchange for cash, and private lenders often have less than desirable conditions for borrowers, such as a lower loan to value (LTV) ratio or sky-high interest rates. The cannabis industry is an expensive one to operate in, and a loan from a bank can be game-changing for many entrepreneurs in this space.

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Cannabis financing options with Empirical Solutions and the Cannabis Banking Financial Network™

Our group of compliant traditional financial institutions is the first and largest coast-to-coast network of its kind. The banks that partner with us are all accredited financial institutions that are willing to work with the cannabis industry – no more guesswork while applying for a loan just to find out your bank of choice won’t work with your business. Through Empirical Solutions , you’ll be matched with a financial institution that is accepting clients in your sector and of your size, so you can get access to capital faster.

Whether you’re seeking a traditional loan or want to meet prequalified investors, there are many cannabis business funding options available through Empirical Solutions and the Cannabis Banking Financial Network. Options include:

Cannabis real estate loans

  • Lending for commercial real estate acquisition

  • Loan size: $50,000 to $500M

  • Private lender interest rate: 5% to 16%

  • Bank financing interest rate: 3% to 8%

Cannabis equipment financing

  • Commercial lending for equipment, fixtures, and vehicles

  • Loan size: $50,000 to $500M

  • Private lender interest rate: 5% to 16%

  • Bank financing interest rate: 3% to 8%

Private equity

  • Introductions to pre-qualified private investors who want to invest in the cannabis industry

  • Venture capital, angel investors, and family office introductions available

Cannabis startup funding

  • Based upon excellent credit score/personal credit

  • Funding available up to $250,000

Working capital for cannabis businesses

  • Short-term, high impact growth financing and term loans

  • Loan size from $25,000 to $10M

Special project financing

  • Private lending customized to client requirements

FIs: Work with Empirical Solutions to connect with borrowers


Lending remains the most restricted of all cannabis banking services -- which means there is also the most pent-up demand for it. Lenders who start working with the industry now are set up for a competitive advantage as the industry opens up and the U.S. inches closer to full federal legalization.

Establish yourself now in one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Empirical Solutions to learn more about how our specialists can help your financial institution work with the cannabis industry.

Other cannabis business services available through Empirical Solutions

It takes a village to launch or expand a successful cannabis business. Our robust network of industry professionals can help you once you secure your financial services through Empirical Solutions, assisting in a wide range of areas essential to the financial health of your company. We can offer complimentary introductions to:

  • Business and capital advisory: Work with professionals who can help you create a financial plan for your business.

  • Project planning and feasibility: These professionals are fully versed and experienced in cannabis industry growth in legal markets across the U.S.

  • Payroll: Work with payroll services who want to partner with the cannabis industry.

  • Human resources: Acquire and manage the talent you need to launch or expand your cannabis business.

  • Insurance: Work with insurance agencies willing to cover all sectors of the cannabis industry, including hemp and CBD.

  • Accounting: Connect with an accountant well versed and experienced in 280E and other tax and financial issues faced by the cannabis industry.

  • Licensing resources, including legal help: Partner with professionals who know how to navigate the vast, complicated and ever-changing cannabis industry landscape

  • Compliance advisory: Avoid expensive mistakes -- ensure that your company is keeping up with federal, regional, and state regulations that impact your business.

  • Contact Empirical Solutions to learn more about complimentary introductions to cannabis business services.

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