SAL-T 11%


SAL-T 11% Humidity Standard for Novasina Water Activity Meters.

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SAL-T 11% Humidity Standard

Humidity standards based on saturated salt solutions in plastic tablets with humidity-permeable membrane for multi-use. The salts generate a defined air humidity in the temperature range of 15…30°C which flows out of the tablet through the permeable membrane inside the measuring chamber and generate there a defined and stable humidity environment.

This established method of humidity generation is very precise and has an excellent repeatability.

Novasina humidity standards SAL-T are available with the following humidity values:
6.4%, 11.3%, 32.8%, 52.9%, 75.3%, 90.1%, 97.0% und 98% rh

All humidity standards are deliverable with an internationally recognized certificate from an accredited European laboratory.

Application Area
Verification and calibration of Novasina measurement instruments.

Technical Data
Accuracy according to “Greenspan Report 1977”: +/- 0.3 % rh (0.003 aw)

Temperature range: 15° … 30° C

Features & Benefits

  • Multi applicable
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Simple handling
  • Available for the complete measuring range
  • Long product life


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