Novasina SAL-SC Standards

SAL-SC Standards

Reusable humidity generators for verification and calibration

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Novasina SAL-SC Standards

High precision salt standards SAL-SC for verification and calibration of Novasina hygrometers.

Various salt standards from low (11% RH) to high (97% RH) relative humidity values.

All SAL-SC salt standards are produced according to the established Greenspan report (1977).

The SAL-SC are also available with accredited UKAS certificate according to the ISO 17025 quality standard.

Intended Use
The SAL-SC salt standards are used to verify or calibrate a Novasina hygrometer and just works on Novasina units.

As they are reusable, handling becomes a key component for longevity. Long exposure to lab air (and thereby to lab air humidity) will lead to short lifespan. Please read the manuals carefully to assure a long use of the standards.



  • Reusable for economy
  • Shelf-life of 5 or more years, depends on handling
  • Values according Greenspan report (1977)
  • No contact with liquid possible due to unique semi-permeable membrane


Technical data

Operating Range

rel. humidity:     11%…. 97% RH
Temperature:      59 … 86°F (15 … 30°C)
Accuracyrel. humidity:     +/- 0.3% RH


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