LabMaster Neo – Water Activity Meter

* The new global standard in water activity * Highest precision * CFR21 compliant *Meets ISO 18787 requirements


High-precision, fast, CFR21 Part11 compliant, easy to use and now meets ISO 18787 requirements! Neutec Group is happy to announce that the LabMaster Neo now has a new stability more which meets ISO 18787 requirements, which will now appear as a choice in addition to slow, average, fast, maunal, and quick modes. The LabMaster Neo meets the requirements of all standard methods across all industries and is the most competitive water activity analyzer currently available.

A well-proven laboratory precision instrument for reproducible, precise aW measurements under accurately controlled temperature conditions for all types
of food product, cosmetics as well as dry pharmaceutical materials. The LabMASTER-aw Neo is the only instrument that enables measurements under
precisely controlled chamber temperature conditions, selectable in the following range: 0°C to 60°C, with a precision of 0.1C.
The device and its sensor are very robust and have an excellent long-term stability. The Novasina electrolyte sensor delivers essentially hysteresis-free
measurements. The implemented user management systems allows a simple and intuitive operation.
The new large, touch-screen graphic LCDisplay gives a clear overview. The menu software is simple and intuitive.
For a connection to a printer or a PC, an RS-232 or USB interface is built into the device. A PC-Software for Win9x/2000/NT/XP is included in the instrument delivery.

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Application areas:

Food production and quality laboratories, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, chemistry

Examples of aw measurement samples:

 All forms of pastry and baked goods
 Meat and sausages
 Cheese
 Fruit concentrates
 Dried foodstuffs
 Drugs
 Cosmetics

filter and sensor


Technical data:

  • Measurement range: 0.03 … 1.00 aw (3…100%rh) in the range of 0…60°C
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.001 aw (0.1%rh)
  • Accuracy: 0.003 aw (0.3%rh)

To learn more about Water Activity click here.


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Backed by Neutec Group’s reputable technical service level, the Novasina instruments will assure your product quality!

Calibration, IQ/OQ and Preventative maintanance services are offered, please inquire.

Features and Benefits

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Temperature controlled measuring chamber
  • Quick mode for sample tests in maximum 10 minutes
  • Measurement cell with saved calibration data
  • Intuitive and simple menu touch screen navigation
  • Self Recognition of calibration salts

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