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Inhibition Zone Measuring Software upgrade

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Advanced Inhibition Zone Measuring Software

Allows automatic measurement of inhibition zones*

Requires purchaseĀ of Sphere Flash Colony counter – basic version

Identifies antibiotic disks and zone size around each disk, recording the correspondent diameter. Reads up to eight disks per plate in seconds, achieving reading of hundreds of plates in an hour.

* Inhibition Zone on an agar plate.
The inhibition zone is the area around a colony of mold or bacteria where no additional organisms can grow. When testing the sensitivity of antibiotics, disks with the antibiotic are introduced to an agar plate with growing bacteria. The antibiotic then disperses into the agar surrounding the disk. If the bacteria are sensitive to the antibiotic, they will not grow next to the disks. The size of this zone corresponds to the sensitivity of the organism to the antibiotic and its level of cencentration.


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