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Pin Debit Merchant Processing

A merchant processing program specifically designed for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services.

With Empirical's fully compliant merchant processing program, your cannabis business will have 100% transparency with your bank and operate like any other business.

What is the True Pin Debit merchant processing program?

Our merchant processing program provides compliant, transparent, and streamlined payment processing services for cannabis-touching businesses like dispensaries, cultivators, and delivery services.

Empirical Solutions LLC, Cannabis Dispensary Merchant Processing, High Risk Merchant Processing, Cannabis Card Processing, USA

Our approved, transparent merchant processing program is the first traditional, compliant and legitimate card payment solution.


It does not use workarounds or smoke and mirrors. The program provides direct debit card payments for exact dollar amounts, which means no cash handling and costly mistakes, no customer confusion at checkout, and no need for drivers to carry any money.

Program highlights include:

  • ​Fully endorsed and approved by the major debit networks

  • Costs less than cash handling and transportation fees

  • Full bank and processor disclosure

  • No miscoding: actual DBA and business address are on the descriptor

  • No "Out of Network" fees

  • No convenience fees

  • No contracts

  • No early termination fees

  • No annual fees

  • No application fee

Empirical Solutions LLC, Cannabis Dispensary Merchant Processing, High Risk Merchant Processing, Cannabis Card Processing, USA

True Pin Debit Merchant Processing vs. Cashless ATMs

The Pin Debit Merchant processing may seem similar to the cashless ATMs that dispensaries often use as a workaround, but they are very different. For starters, the bank sees cashless ATM transactions as regular ATM transactions, but in reality, they are just normal debit card swipes. Out-of-network fees are usually $3 for your customers. Pin Debit accounts let you take payments electronically without paying these bank fees.


Empirical offers a compliant and transparent merchant processing system, making cashless ATMs obsolete. These are some of the key differences:


  • Sales are for the exact dollar amount of the purchase

  • The customer does not pay a convenience fee

  • 100% transparent – full acquiring bank disclosure

  • No cash handling

  • Frictionless checkout process

  • Seamless transition to credit cards when federal change allows

  • No contracts

  • No early termination fees

  • True DBA and business address on descriptor and receipts

  • Fully transparent bank-approved cannabis program

  • No Convenience fee or out-of-network fee

  • Acquiring bank not disclosed in most cases

  • Budtenders don't need to provide change

  • Sales, on average, increase by 25-80% versus cash

Image by Sean Pollock


The industry's first and only transparent card processing program for cannabis merchants is finally here! True Pin Debit (Not a Cashless ATM)

Our sponsor bank and Processor have worked with federal regulations to create the first ever legal card processing solution for the cannabis industry. 

  • Cannabis payment processing - how to accept card payments in a state-compliant manner?
    Despite many companies claiming to offer legitimate cannabis payment processing solutions, the real question is how to find a legitimate solution for your business. Do your due diligence on the provider offering you a service. Ask a lot of questions about their vetting process and compliance with state laws.
  • Why can’t you use credit cards at dispensaries?
    The lack of banking services for cannabis businesses is due to the fact that cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, which means many banks are unwilling to risk offering services to cannabis-related companies.
  • How safe and reliable is Empirical for the cannabis industry?
    Empirical provides payment processing solutions for the cannabis industry and high-risk merchants. We work with an extensive network of the best banks, processors, and corporations in multiple industries and offer the best that each has to offer. In addition, all our support team members are based onshore and provide the highest level of service.
  • Can I accept card payments in exact amounts or will it dispense cash like an ATM machine?
    You can accept card payments in exact amounts now. No cash dispensing.
  • Are Credit Cards legal to use in dispensaries?
    Absolutely not! Until Federal law legalizes cannabis credit cards for cannabis are 100% illegal and violate Federal and Card Brand laws.
  • What happens if I choose to accept credit card payments for cannabis products?
    You will likely pay super high fees and may face criminal charges.
  • Is True Pin debit fully legal?
    Yes, it is the only program that allows debit cards to be charged legally through the banking system. Just like going to the grocery store, your customers can now purchase cannabis with their debit card in the exact same way.
  • Do the banks know that we are a dispensary?
    Yes, the bank is fully aware of this and there is no reason to worry.
  • I currently have a Cashless ATM. What are the advantages of switching over to a Pin Debit Merchant account?
    Transactions are for exact dollar amounts; there is no rounding or cash dispensing. No cash handling is needed; everything is electronic. No need for drivers or budtenders to carry any cash. Your Customers will NOT be billed for "Out of Network" fees. This usually costs $3-4 on top of the in-store fee of $3, saving your customer around $6-7 per transaction The program is fully endorsed and approved by the debit networks The bank is fully aware of the nature of your business. Accurate descriptors with your correct DBA and address on receipts and bank settlement reports No Convenience fees No Checkout confusion Will allow you to accept credit cards upon federal change.
  • What does the customer experience look like?
    Very simple the customer will walk into your store, select the product that they want to buy, and pay the exact amount owed by swiping, tapping, or inserting their card. They will also be allowed to tip if you want that feature. Some terminals also allow customers to pay with Apple pay and Samsung Pay so customers can pay with their smartphones and smartwatches.
  • I like my Cashless ATM. Why should I switch?
    Payments are effortless, customers can pay with a card, phone, or smart watch with absolutely no cash dispensing so checkout is super fast and smooth. Cashless ATMs generally charge a customer a mandatory fee of $3 on top of the convenience fee making the transaction amount equal to $6-7 on top of tax.
  • If I switch to Pin Debit how much of an increase in revenue will I see?
    We typically see a 25% increase in revenue when our clients make the switch however we’ve also seen increases up to 80% in some clients.
  • Are there any contracts?
    No, we don't lock you into any contracts. You can cancel anytime with no penalties.
  • What about fees?
    There are no Application fees, Annual fees, Convenience fees, or Early Termination fees. There is a $30 monthly charge for statements and accounting.
  • Which POS systems do you work with?
    We can work with any POS system.
  • Are there any POS companies that you recommend?
    We like Blaze, they have a great customer service team and most of our clients love working with them.

Make life easy for yourself and your customers by increasing sales and safety.  Apply for your PIN Debit merchant account today and sell more tomorrow.

Call us for full product features, costs, and how to get started!

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